Anwar Carrots X Dr. Dabber Boost Evo


Introducing our exhilarating partnership with the rising star of streetwear design, Anwar Carrots. We couldn’t be more thrilled to unveil our latest collaboration with Peas & Carrots Internation, a trailblazing presence in the realms of fashion, music, and street culture since its establishment in 2007. Anwar’s unparalleled personal style and exceptional creative vision make him the perfect match for our brand.

In our creative garden, we’ve been tirelessly cultivating a vibrant atmosphere, carefully sowing seeds of innovation. The results have exceeded our expectation, and now we’re ecstatic to present this year’s bountiful harvest to the world.

This limited edition Evo Features temp setting carefully calibrated for the low temperature dabber. Enjoy your high quality terps like never before with 6 new heat settings.

Availability: Only 2 left in stock