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Karpen Knife Heated Multi Use Dab Tool


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The Karpen Knife from Hato is an electric heated loading tool, the heat component makes the handling of thicker sticker concentrates more seamless. The Kapen Knife is constructed with a quartz heat element that will not waste or overheat wax materials with a perfect cutting and loading temperature. The battery is variable voltage and features a preheat setting as well making you sessions clean, simple, and efficient. With a 300mAh battery and USB-C charging this innovative device is sure to keep up with multiple sessions without dying on you. Kapen Knife tips are easily detachable, and simple to clean due to its heating capabilities. No more sticky Dab Tools!


  • 300mAh Battery
  • Three Temperature Settings
  • USB-C Charging
  • Quartz Heating Element


  • Pre Heat Mode
  • Calibrated for Perfect Cutting and Loading Temperatures
  • Made to Handle Sticky, Thicker Concentrates
  • No Waste and No Overheating


  • 1 x Karpen Knife Loading Tool

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