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Lookah Seahorse Pro e-Nail Nectar Collectar

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The Lookah Seahorse Pro is the upgraded second version from the Seahorse family of the enail nectar collector. All the issues with the Lookah Seahorse wax dab pen vaporizer’s first version were well noted and fixed in the Seahorse Pro version. A 650mAh battery powers the Lookah Seahorse Pro to regulate the energy in three-level settings. The Seahorse Pro is compatible with 510 cartridges; at the same time, it can be used as a nectar collector and includes a 14/18mm adapter to adapt this unit with the glass pieces. To provide pure taste and superb vapor production, the Seahorse Pro comes with unique dab or touch style Lookah Seahorse coils with a food-grade Quartz tip that allows you to grab concentrates directly from the container. In addition, the Seahorse Pro features Wax Exclusive Mode – activated by pressing the central button three (3) times; the vaporizer begins with 15 seconds preheat mode, then continually holds the temperature for 30 seconds to provide enough time for the perfect hit.

Lookah Seahorse Pro Included:

1x Lookah Seahorse Pro

1x Tip Adapter

1x Connection Hose

1x Cleaning Brush

1x 14/18mm Adapter

1x USB Cable

User Manual

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