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Pucker Bubble – Electric Nectar Collector


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Portable nectar collector featuring a ceramic tip and double-layered glass bubbler! The Pucker Bubble allows the user to quickly dab straight from a dish or container. A matching silicone container is included. Once water is added, the Bubble chamber cools the thick clouds of smoke making for a smooth/easy hit.


  • Double-layered glass bubbler.
  • Water filtration.
  • 3 voltage settings: 3.4V/3.7V/4.2V.
  • Rapid 15-second heat-up time.
  • Metal surface 450 mAh rechargeable battery.
  • Ceramic atomizer.
  • Quartz vapor tip.
  • One button operation.
  • Led light indication USB charging port.
  • Weight: 5.70 oz

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