White Rhino Terp Slurper Set


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Designed to be compatible with Terp Sluper style bangers, this 3-piece marble kit can help preserve your valuable wax. The set includes a 14mm terp pill, 11mm small marble, and a 24mm large marble. The two marbles work together to create a vacuum inside your banger that produces a vortex that makes it possible for all the wax to come in contact with the hot air. The terp pill that is placed in the base of the banger will constantly jump and bounce around. This set when paired with your favorite Terp Slurper banger, leaves you with less leftover wax and prevent messy burnt or blackened wax on the bottom of your banger.

  • Compatible with Terp Slurper Bangers
  • Preserves Valuable Wax
  • Vacuum Vortex Provides Even Hot Air Distribution
  • Less Sticky Mess
  • Includes 14mm Terp Pill, 11mm Small Marble & 24mm Large Marble